Beit Apple Children’s and Youth Village offers a new chance at life for children who suffer from tragic circumstances: neglect, abuse (physical /emotional) and being orphaned. Currently, the village supports the upbringing and development of 200 children ages 3 to 18.

For most of the kids, Beit Apple is all they have in this world. It’s a place they call home. It’s an environment that provides critical nurturing for development, access to education and therapy to overcome the challenges these youth are facing.

GE’s Crotonville Executive Learning Class, EDC, is proud to be partnering with The Israel America Foundation and Beit Apple to help support their mission. Located in Gan Yavne, Isreal, Beit Apple is one of 3 Mishan Villages supported by the foundation. Founded in 1954, their mission and services provide continued support to at risk children when parents are unable to raise them.

Demands for access to Beit Apple’s is growing steadily. Access to these services is a starting point for life. EDC’s support will allow Beit Apple to serve a population in need and provide the opportunity to further improve and develop the framework of their mission.


Beit Apple Programs & Services:

  • Individualized Service Plans. Each child has their own an individual program plan to meet their unique needs. All plans include an emphasis on education in addition to therapy.

  • Access to Education. Supporting the importance education, all Beit Apple pupils attend schools in Gan Yavne and its immediate vicinity – starting from nursery school, to kindergarten and high school. All Beit Apple pupils will finish 12 years of school education. They will attend a variety of study courses, such as computers, biotechnology, including academic study courses, vocational and practical training.

  • Emergency Unit. Beit Apple’s emergency unit can admit children immediately, sometimes with an advance notice of just one hour for these children in need. This service is in place for the increase of cases when social workers find a child facing high-risk surroundings. These children need immediate protection.

  • Individualized Therapy. Each child receives ongoing therapy per their individualized service plan. Beit Apple’s provides support services that have proven most effective for these at risk youth: 1:1 and group counseling; Art ,Play, Dance and Pet Therapy; etc.

  • Day-Time Facility. Beit Apple also has an established day-time facility for accommodating children living in the nearby community, in joint cooperation with the community's social services. The day-time facility operates a special care facility providing therapy for community children in need of support.

  • Preparation for life. Successful assimilation into Israeli life can be greatly aided by a special training program in basic skills needed in the outside world. A new, self-managed residential unit is planned for the village grounds. The residents will learn how to organize and maintain their household, apply for a job, manage a bank account, deal with official institutions, and so on.

  • Transition/Graduate Programs. Beit Apple has been engaged in establishing a special unit for its graduates. The principal aim was to prepare groups of graduates towards their recruitment to the IDF, since they will be lone soldiers, soldiers without a family, and upon leaving Beit Apple they will need life skills and qualifications more than any other recruit. Beit Apple develops special programs to work with parents, adults and youth, and considers it to be of major importance to prepare its graduates for their integration into society, while acquiring life skills and capabilities, and breaking out of the vicious cycle of misery.

EDC participants will dedicate a day of service in Israel to support the Beit Apple Village and the children. It truly does take a village to raise a child!

You can help! Any and all support is greatly appreciated and will go directly to support the partnership between EDC, The Israel America Foundation and Beit Apple.

Donation Levels/Impact for The Israel America Foundation & Beit Apple Village:

  • $You Decide - Personalize your donation to meet the needs of the village and your own give level!