EDC 2016


The Israel America Foundation and Beit Apple

GE’s Crotonville Executive Learning Class, EDC, is proud to be partnering with The Israel America Foundation and Beit Apple to help support their mission – giving at risk children a chance at life.

Israel being situated in the Middle East has experienced and continues to experience, instability and violence. The lives of children and families in the region are continuously affected by these disputes.  The current statistics * in Israel are heartbreaking, but very real:
  • 240,000 children are considered at risk in Israel.  This is approximately 17% of all children and youth. 
  • Israel has the highest level of inequality among children in the world’s 41 most developed countries.
  • The child poverty rate is almost 31%
  • About 50,000 suspected cases of abuse or neglect against children were reported to the social services in 2014.

Beit Apple Children’s and Youth Village (Mishan) offers a new chance at life for children who suffer from tragic circumstances:  neglect, abuse (physical /emotional) and being orphaned. Currently, the village supports the upbringing and development of 200 children ages 3 to 18. Beit Apple offers them a warm, supportive environment and professional care to help them overcome the effects of their painful histories.

Armed with endless patience, sensitivity and dedication, the staff members (all of whom have academic training) establish deep relationships based on mutual trust and respect, in order to help each child flourish and become a valued member of society. This safe and reassuring environment can mitigate the effects of these children’s detrimental backgrounds and painful departures from home. 
Children‫'s villages like Beit Apple give hundreds of young people in Israel a chance for a normal life and a brighter future.  The children are encouraged to work hard at their studies, which will be their entrance pass into mainstream society. Through the years, thousands of Apple House graduates have served in the army and gone on to normal, stable lives as productive members of society. Some now hold key positions in the Israel community.

EDC 2016 participants will spend a day at the village engaged with the children and a hands on service day project.  EDC’s renovations will give greater access to the essential therapy provided to the children at Beit Apple.
* http://brookdale.jdc.org.il/_Uploads/dbsAttachedFiles/MJB-Data-Snapshot-Children-at-Risk-2016-04.pdf 



MDC 2016


New York Cares

New York Cares is New York City’s largest volunteer management organization. New York Cares runs vital programs for 1,300 nonprofits, public schools, and city agencies to help people in need throughout the five boroughs, and does so at no cost to the recipient organizations. Since 1987, New York Cares has made it easy for all New Yorkers to work together to strengthen the city.

GE Crotonville’s MDC 2016 courses are partnering with NY Cares to help further their mission to support the education of youth and teens in NYC through hands on service days and fundraising.