Hunger is more than a lack of food. Hunger feeds on conflict, poverty, inequality and climate change. But the world can solve hunger and you can help. World Food Program USA builds U.S. support for the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. Whether it's in schools, in fields, in markets, in clinics, in times of disaster - WFP reaches more than 80 million people each year with the basic building block of life: food. Hunger is the world's greatest solvable problem. And it starts with you.

GE’s Crotonville Management Development Class, MDC-FIO October 2015, is proud to be partnering with WFP USA to help support the mission of the World Food Programme.


Syria Crisis

Donations made on behalf of MDC-FIO October 2015 will specifically support WFP’s program for Syria. Members of the class were particularly moved by the plight of the Syrian people and for the Syrian refugees who have been displaced throughout the region.  Believing that education is key to fighting extremism, and that meeting people’s essential needs – particularly for food – is a predicate to keeping children in school, the MDC-FIO October 2015 class was led to WFP for the work it is doing to address these needs.


The World Food Programme (WFP) is committed to the millions of Syrians caught up in a conflict in its fifth year. As needs grow WFP now has to prioritize assistance to many refugees outside Syria, like those in Turkey, so the most vulnerable are protected. Working with its partners, WFP is doing its utmost so that we don’t lose a generation to war and extremism. Initiatives like the school feeding pilot in Syria can help restore a sense of normal life for the most vulnerable.

WFP has three main goals under its Syria response:
  1. To deliver food to people affected by conflict, malnourished children, pregnant women and nursing mothers;

  2. To provide emergency food assistance, and;

  3. To offer tailored programmes focusing on relief and recovery, school feeding and nutrition.

Syria Crisis in Numbers:
  • Number of people who receive WFP assistance inside Syria monthly - Over 4 million

  • Number of refugees registered with UNHCR - Over 4 million

  • Number of refugees who receive WFP assistance monthly - Over 1.3 million

Food Assistance

In October, as a result of new donor support, WFP has been able to increased the value loaded onto the electronic vouchers it uses to provide food assistance to extremely vulnerable Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon to an average of US$21 per person per month – 80 percent of the full intended voucher value. This is a positive development as assistance was cut down to 50 percent on average during the previous months due to a severe lack of funding.

WFP reaches more than four million people every month inside Syria with urgently needed food and provides electronic food vouchers (e-card) to 1.3 million refugees in neighbouring countries. WFP knows that host countries are affected by the burden of the refugee crisis. And thanks to the e-card system, WFP has contributed more than US$1 billion into the local economies of the Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt and has created thousands of local jobs in the food retail sector.

Learn more about WFP and the Syria crisis on the WFP website: