EDC 2015   MDC-FIO 2015

  This year’s EDC (Executive Development Course) took 18 of GE’s senior leaders to Africa (Morocco & Nigeria) to design and implement a world-class, customer-focused Service Delivery & Fulfillment Business Model.

While in Morocco, the EDC participants gathered to give back to the local communities impacting the lives of children, teachers, and their families. Over the course of 6 weeks they collected a total of $67,386 USD (total with GE matching is $113,454.25 USD!!!). Donations are still being received to help support the mission of EDC 2015’s partners in giving. Here are the current totals:

Assocation Assafou

  $ 4,276.75

SOS Children’s Villages

  $ 63,109.25

Participants dedicated a day of service in one of these local communities, Morocco’s Aït Ourir SOS Children's Village. This village consists of 14 houses, currently providing homes to 90 abandoned children and 12 SOS mothers. In addition to providing children with a loving home and family, SOS Children’s Villages ensure that all children have access to a proper education until their autonomy. During the service day, participants also had the opportunity to visit a local school, where many of the SOS children attend.

Over the past 30 years, the rainy season (winter) has created significant damage to the village homes. The rains infiltrate the inside of the houses, causing apparition of mold, flaking paint and a cold and unhealthy environment for the kids. The pipes in the houses were also so old that it had become impossible to use the upstairs bathrooms, requiring 10 people to share one facility.

“For the past years, I have had many complaints from the mothers because of the state of the houses. We tried to fix it as we could, but the houses were old and needed full renovation by professionals, especially the roofs. Unfortunatly, we did not have the budget to renovate. GE’s support was a godsend ! The mothers will be relieved, the kids will feel even more cared for and I am sure the whole atmosphere of the village will be better with everyone living in healthy, safe and nice shiny homes.”
Mounaim - Director, Aït Ourir SOS Children‘s Village

It truly does take a village to raise a child! EDC’s GE Gives campaign and service day, helped provide the following:
  • Revitalization of the 30 year old homes in the village that have been damaged due to extensive rains and flooding (roof and wall repairs, painting);

  • Maintenance of the grounds, so that the children can take pride in the appearance of their home; and

  • Support of community outreach programs that are targeted at keeping families together and allowing as many children as possible to stay with their families, despite trying outside circumstances.


Summary of our SOS Children’s Village accomplishments:


6 Home Repairs*

  • Room Repair & Waterproofing

  • New Plumbing

  • Painting of the houses
    • 30 bedrooms
    • 6 kitchens
    • 6 living rooms
    • 6 staircases
    • 12 bathrooms

  • Varnishing of the windows and doors
    • 108 Windows
    • 90 Doors
    • 42 Closet Doors

  • Outside Revitalization & Maintenance
    • Gardening (Tools purchased for initial revitalization and maintenance)
    • Education Inspired Mural

* Two homes are completed, 2 are currently scheduled and 2 more are possible with 100% matching.

School Computer Lab

  • Construction of a secure Media Room with Internet Service
  • Iron Door
  • Secured Windows
  • Conduits, Wires, Computer Closet
  • 12 Computers
  • 1 Data Show
  • 1 Printer
  • 1 Teacher Desk
  • 13 Chairs
  • 12 Computer Tables

School & Education Supplies

  • 90 backpacks (1 for each child)
  • 3 Chess Games
  • 3 Scrabble Games
  • 3 Soccer Balls

In addition to helping the Aït Ourir SOS Children‘s Village, significant contributions were also made to Assocation Assoafou to improve education and the lives of children and women in rural Atlas Mountain Villages.

Congratulations to the EDC 2015 participants
for a heart-felt effort on GE’s behalf


SOS Children’s reaction to the EDC 2015 Service Day

“I conversed with the volunteers. I told them that I want to study litteracy and that I am 15. I want to thank them because I live in house 11: thanks to them it will be very different. I will have a neat and brand new family home – I think I will spend more time inside of the house, doing my homework because I will feel better there with the shiny walls.” Meriem

“It was fun to see people coming and gardening ! I helped them in the garden and I think they were very fast and good at it, but I don’t know if they were professional gardeners.” Soufiane

“We spent a joyful day with the foreigners ! I think they were happy to sing with us because they were all smiling and even though I did not understand what they said they were very nice to us!” Majda

“I think they came here because they want to help kids. Maybe they have their own kids in their country.” Aya


Reactions from the SOS Mothers and staff

“I want to thank them again ! Thanks to them my work will be less hard. I will no longer have to sweep paint flakes all the time, but most importantly: it will no longer rain inside the house, and we won’t be sick anymore because of the mold.” Fatima Ezzhara

“They were very nice, they asked questions about my job and the kids, and why I do this. It is motivating to see people living far from here that show interest about what we do. I hope I will also have my house renovated : I really need two bathrooms for the kids. I showed the volunteers the leaking pipes after the lunch in the house.” Nezha

“It is important for the kids to live in a nice home, so that they feel protected and safe, and they like to spend time inside, altogether.” Mounaim

“It was amazing to see the energy they put in finishing the renovation of house n°1 ! We thought it would take at least 2 hours but after one hour, they had painted the whole house and transformed the garden !” Houda


Your continued support is appreciated!
Let’s restore all of the village homes – 6 more to go!
Tap here to visit the EDC 2015 Team donation page.



  EDC 2015’s fundraiser for Association Assafou provided Marigha Village with funds to purchase critical educational supplies. This effort substantially improved the children's access to education and as a result also provided mothers with time during the school hours to fulfill essential daily tasks. While in Morrocco, the EDC participants had an opportunity to visit this village to learn more about the lives of women and children in the village and why their support truly made a difference.

Summary of Association Assafou Accomplishments:

EDC 2015’s fundraiser for Association Assafou provided Marigha Village with funds to purchase critical educational supplies. This effort substantially improved the children's access to education and as a result also provided mothers with time during the school hours to fulfill essential daily tasks.

School Furniture

  • 4 Octagonal Tables
  • 32 kids Chairs
  • 3 Book Shelves for the classroom
  • 10 Posters
  • 64 books for 03 different grades


  • 1 Book Shelf
  • 4 Tables for PCs
  • 13 chairs for students



Educational Supplies

Tools for student tutoring such as dictionaries, books related to the courses applied at the primary and secondary school level to allow students do their homework.


Internet Access

Implementation of internet access for 40 students of secondary school level.


Preschool Perimeter

New perimeter around the center’s terrace for preschoolers.


Women’s Center

The women center is currently under construction. It will be a training facility for alphabetization and handicraft. This center will contribute to the creation of new local economies by creating crafts that generate revenue through the establishment of cooperative and encouraging the creation of micro-project. Additional funds will go towards the purchase of looms, wool, embroidery and sewing tools.


EDC 2015 raised $113,454.25 with 100% Matching!
Tap here to visit the EDC 2015 Team donation page.

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  MDC participants had the opportunity to engage the creativity of elementary students with a Young Entrepreneurs project, and paint inspiring murals throughout the hallways and on canvases at the Salvation Army.


Salvation Army-Bedford Temple Corps

Since its inception in 1880, The Salvation Army of Greater New York has become an integral part of the communities served in the greater New York area as adults, children and families have come to rely on its programs and services. Services include day care and after school programs, feeding programs, HIV/AIDS assistance, family case assistance, and homeless assistance. Learn more at ny.salvationarmy.org/GreaterNewYork.

The Salvation Army Bedford Temple Corps Community Center is based in Bedford-Stuyvesant and focuses on serving marginalized children (ages 5 to 18), young adults, and senior citizens throughout central Brooklyn. They draws many clients from the three major public housing project buildings that surround the facility. Most of their participants are African-American and Hispanic children and their families.

GE volunteers will be working with students from the GAINS program, which provides tutoring and homework assistance, field trips, and more to disadvantaged children ages 6-12. These programs are part of the Salvation Army's effort to raise the self-esteem, academic success, and all aspects of the lives of disadvantaged children. They currently serve close to 200 students.
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  MDC-FIO March participants had the opportunity to spend the day at M.S. 385 to build business futures with youth as they map out career goals, in addition to painting murals and organizing book rooms.


M.S. 385 Business Finance & Entrepreneurship

M.S. 385 Business Finance & Entrepreneurship follows the New York State Board of Regents adopted learning standards for all areas of study. The New York State Education Department issues the core curricula and these core curricula’s are the foundation upon which State assessments are aligned and developed. The school honors the students, teachers, support staff, and parents for their desire to work and seek continued improvement for each and every child.

The idea at M.S. 385 is to provide an environment for each student that will fully challenge his or her cognitive, emotional, physical, and social needs. The staff and teachers strive to instill self-esteem, respect for others, and the appreciation of learning. The staff knows that it is imperative to identify what each student knows and what skills he or she can demonstrate. Once this has been accomplished then additional growth will take place. Curriculum, instruction, and assessment are the three main variables that need to be realized in order to provide the most effective teaching/learning environment.

Learn more about the school, tap here.
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