Assafou Association for Development was founded on May 12, 2011 at the headquarters of the Al Haouz Provincial Offices of Development Associations. Its objective is building centres to provide preschool education, fight illiteracy among rural women and encourage rural world preservation.

Assafou Association for Development has been involved in responsible tourism in the Atlas Mountains working in collaboration with Travel Link and other foreign/local partners. Together they have contributed altogether in the establishment of Rural Educational Centres to support countryside preschool children in different isolated villages in the Atlas Mountains.

GE’s Crotonville Executive Learning Class, EDC, is proud to be partnering with Association Assafou to help support their mission. EDC Participants will have an opportunity to visit a few of the villages that continue to benefit from programs that are made possible by the Association.

Association Assafou Villages

Prior to the establishment of Association Assafou, children did not have an opportunity to engage in early childhood educations. The Villages have not only created a place to educate the children in remote villages, it also supports parenting and entrepreneur programs for the women as well as a place for the older children to receive tutoring in the evenings – increasing the opportunity for greater academic success.

The Association supports their mission through the following objectives:
  • Develop the responsible tourism in Marrakesh Region, especially in rural areas.

  • Integrate women and people with special needs in the development by creating adequate training centres.

  • Support and raise awareness of the local populations and local actors of the importance of preserving the environment and the local heritage.

  • Integrate tourism promoters and tourist establishments in the support and implementation of sustainable development projects.

  • Conclude partnership agreements with local councils and municipalities, non-governmental organization at national and international levels, professional chambers.

Donation Levels/Impact for Association Assafou For Development:

  • $You Decide - Personalize your donation to meet the needs of the village and your own give level!