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GE Gives 2014 Crotonville Class Contributions:


  EDC 2014 - $ 30,910.62
In October 2014, 22 GE Senior Executives traveled throughout the United States as part of GE’s Executive Development Course (EDC). This course focuses on leadership development and skill building for the most senior leaders in our company. In addition to studying companies and leaders who have created customer-focused cultures, EDC was proud to participate in a special service project on behalf of GE with International Rescue Committee (IRC). In addition to raising funds to support IRC’s Vision Not Victim program, EDC participants devoted a Saturday in October to helping IRC’s Leaders In Training (LITs) prepare for and attend the Big Apple College Fair. At the end of the day, the EDC executives with able to surprise the LITs with a fully paid college campus tour in Boston made possible by the generous donations.  

Together they raised $31,185.62 (as of 12/2/14). With matching from the GE Foundation the potential total is $54,485.99 ($23,425.37 is eligible for matching).

Testimonials from the EDC Service Day…


Students’ responses to what they would like to say to GE after their day together prepping for and attending at the Big Apple College Fair. November 1, 2014

“I’m very thankful for your helping me find the colleges that I liked. I will work hard to get into college.”  Najm

“I deeply appreciated your help during the college open house last Saturday. Thanks a lot for helping us look for colleges.”  Junior

“I learned to be confident and speak for myself.”

“I had a very fun experience during the Big Apple College Fair thanks to you guys. Thank you for being so encouraging and friendly. I hope to see you in the future and I’ll never forget the firm handshake. You guys are awesome. Thank you.”  Sonam

“I leaned a lot from you – especially high expectation, and overcome adversity. Thank you for everything. I hope you will continue working with us.”  Abel

“I learned not to give up and he encouraged me to pursue my American dream.”  Abdou Salam

“Thank you all for coming to visit us! We had a blast with you. Hope we will meet again. Thank you for your generosity. Will send you pics from our trip to Boston.”  Tenzin

“It was so good to talk about colleges with you. I really learn a lot of things from you. It make me think deeply about college. Hope to see you again.”  Bintou

“I learn many things while working with GE people. Such as what kind of question do I need to ask at colleges fair and how to explore about college. I hope to see you again and stay on touch. I miss you.”  Pasang

“I learned a lot from GE because they help me a lot with everything with the college choosing and advice. I want to thank them.”  Favio


Click here to learn more about IRC. Your continued support is appreciated.

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  SHRDC 2014 - $ 18,357.25
In October 2014, 8 GE HR Executives traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as part of GE’s Human Resources Development Course. During their time in Addis, they had the opportunity to engage in a service day with the inspiring girls at Children’s Heaven… an experience that created life long memories for everyone.

Testimonials from the HR Service Day…

“Children’s Heaven is a special place with special girls. We had the gift of spending time with those precious girls in a place where Hannah is helping them shape their future. The smile of each one of them was one of the most enriching life experience we had. Singing, dancing and laughing together made me feel so close to Ethiopia and the wonderful human values those girls have in their hearts. I will always bring the memories of that day and I hope the pink classes we have painted can help make their days colorful and happy as we were while doing it. There is no better word to define Childrens’ Heaven as such. A special place, for special girls where special things happen. Thank You for making our world better!.”

“It is not often in life that you get to see real joy in the eyes of those with so little. Last week, we had the opportunity to share in such an experience when we visited the Children’s Heaven orphanage for girls. We spent a few amazing hours with ~100 girls singing, dancing, playing and living in their world. Hannah and her small staff pour their hearts into providing a place where girls can come and get support with their school work, nutritious meals and a safe place to engage and interact with friends. While many girls in Ethiopia struggle to see a fate beyond a young marriage and motherhood, these girls are getting the opportunity to pursue education and explore career ambitious. When asked what they would like to be when they grew up, many of the Children’s Heaven girls responded doctor or teacher. While these girls have a safe place to grow thanks to Children’s Heaven, there are over 200 more on a waiting list that with additional funding for a larger facility would be able to enjoy the same opportunities. I am very privileged to have had the chance to meet and connect with these wonderful girls and to financially support Hannah and the women who have dedicated their lives to providing a better life for others.”

Here is a summary of our Service Day accomplishments…

Together SHRDC raised $16,450.25 which allowed them to build 2 tutoring rooms for the girls, expand their existing chicken coop and provide the girls with educational DVDs, English & math audio/listening and other educational supplies.

The new tutoring rooms in use!


Matching funds through the GE Foundation will help fund a property expansion project. Funding the Property Expansion Project will allow Children’s Heaven to purchase land for expansion and construct a new, larger facility capable of meeting the needs of the girls. The space will allow for expanded agricultural programs including a large vegetable garden and dairy farm as well as additional physical space to accommodate more girls.

Click here to learn more about Children’s Heaven, your continued support is appreciated!


Additional SHRDC Fundraising Accomplishments....

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  MDC 2014 - $ 3,265.00
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