Working with the 2012 EDC and with generous contributions from an MDC, the Ng’iresi Primary School will have a library stocked with 1,000 books and a shipment with 22,000 books will reach school libraries in Tanzania, Kenya or Nigeria.

Donation Levels/Impact for Books for Africa:

  • $50Box of Books - Fill a box of age-appropriate books for a classroom.

  • $250 Books for a Classroom - Provide books for a class of 40students.

  • 500 Agricultural Acumen - Provide a specialty agricultural library to secondary students in rural farming areas.

  • $1,000 Fills a Library - Outfita school library in rural Tanzania.

  • $2,000 Legal Library - Create a specialty law library tailored to African lawyers.

  • $5,000 Brings Books to a School - An entire school benefits with books for the classroom, a library and for the students to take home!

  • $10,300 Means 22,000 Books - Ship a crate of 22,000 books from the US to an African country in need.

Total Raised: $12,539.66 Potential with GE Matching Funds: $25,079.32


Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty. In eight years, lenders from all over the world have contributed nearly $500,000,000 in loans that have gone to over 1,000,000+ borrowers in 70 countries. Donations to Kiva through EDC 2013's fundraising drive will support the Kiva Zip program.  Shining Hope for Communities is the Trustee for Kiva Zip, so funds raised will support the Kiva Zip program which supports entrepreneurialism in Kibera.  As of August 1, 2013 34 borrowers that were endorsed by Shining Hope for Communities have received a Kiva loan.  Click here to learn about recent endorsements.

Donation Levels/Impact for Kiva:

  • $50 Empower more borrowers - $50 helps generate another $500 in loans from our online community.

  • $100 Better Technology & Innovation - $100 makes Kiva's technology smarter, faster, and better.

  • $250 Fund Site Visits to our Trustees and Borrowers - $250 helps fund site visits to 5 Trustees and Borrowers each week.

  • $1000 Support a Kiva Zip Fellow - $1,000 Supports a week of field training for one Kiva Zip Fellow before they go into the field.

  • $5000 Expand into New Geographies - Helps Kiva review new partnerships and can enable expansion into new geographies.

P.S. 104 will create life long learners who achieve high standards by making good choices at home, at school and in the community. GE Crotonville Executive Education is partnering with P.S. 104 to help them recover from the impact of Hurricane Sandy so they can move forward with this mission.

Donation Levels/Impact for P.S. 104:

  • $You Decide – Personalize your donation to meet the needs of the school and your own gift level.

  • $25 Provides Postage – Postage is needed to communicate without internet service.

  • $100 Provide School Supplies – The school needs basic school supplies (copy paper, ink, etc.)

  • $200 Prepare a Child for School – A student receives a backpack, clothes, shoes, etc.

  • $500 Connect the Teachers – A walkie talkie system to communicate without internet service.

Red Sweater Project collaborates with local communities to create affordable, accessible and advanced educational opportunities for children in rural Tanzania.  In little more than 2 years, the Red Sweater Project has opened its secondary school in Mungere Village, complete with the first two classrooms, a kitchen (for student meals), composting toilets, and various other on-campus facilities.  In addition to the first-term students, new students are being enrolled this summer to bring the student population to approximately 80 students.

In 2012, the Red Sweater Project partnered with EDC 2012 to offer its on-the-ground logistical support to ensure that the Ng’iresi Primary School received its needed school supplies. Our support of Red Sweater has assisted them in completing their final needs for their school’s operation and bring them closer to making the Mungere Secondary School a sustainable campus.

Plans for 2013 include the construction of an on-campus store (to begin sustainable revenue to the school) as well as building of new classrooms including the Science and Computer Lab Complex which is supported by a new solar array and potential mobile internet services.

Donation Levels/Impact for Red Sweater Project:

  • $25 Provide a School Uniform - Students are required to wear a school uniform to attend classes.

  • $100 Prepare a Child for School - Provides all the school supplies, shoes and uniform required for a primary student to attend the Ng’iresi Primary School for a year.

  • $500 Supplies a Grade with Textbooks - Science,Georgraphy or Kiswahili

  • $750 Supplies a Grade with Textbooks - Purchases a set of textbooks (Math or English), for an entire grade level.

Shining Hope for Communities combats gender inequality and extreme poverty in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya, by linking tuition free schools for girls to accessible social services for all. Located in the center of Nairobi, the Kibera Slum houses 1.5 million people (nearly 50% of Nairobi’s total population) on less than 5% of Nairobi’s landmass. It is one of the most densely populated places on the planet. This is where we work, sleep, laugh, and struggle for a better future. With no money—only a football, and our faith in people’s abilities to change their own lives, we built one of the largest community-run organizations in Kibera—Shining Hope for Communities. We work with more than 50,000 people through our programs focused on girls’ education, community health, economic empowerment and clean water and sanitation. We hope the stories on this site show the optimism of our community, and the power of the work we are doing together. As we look at all the services we offer and infrastructure that we have built—we know that we are here for a reason. In a life filled with hopelessness, we saw hope. We remain deeply touched and inspired by the supporters who have joined us, who believe in our vision, and who have helped us to bring hope to thousands. Together, we are making another world possible.

EDC 2013 is proud to partner with Shining Hope for Communities to continue the support their mission at the Kibera School for Girls and the Johanna Justin-Jinich Community Clinic.

EDC 2013 is proud to partner with Shining Hope for Communities to continue the support their mission at the Kibera School for Girls and the Johanna Justin-Jinich Community Clinic.

Donation Levels/Impact for Shining Hope for Communities:

  • $You Decide - Personalize your donation to meet the needs of the school and your own gift level.

  • $25 School Uniform - Buys a girl her uniform and shoes

  • $50 Health Care - Pays for person to get unlimited health care at the clinic for 1 year;  access to family planning, well baby services, servical cancer screening; pays for a women to deliver in a hosptial; and supports a patient in HIV care program for 1 year

  • $100 Enrichment - Supports after school activities for 1 girl for a year

  • $200 Youth Program - Suppports an adolescent girl in youth program for 1 year, including access to theatre, etnrepreneurship training, soccer and other related servcies.

  • $1500 Builds a New Community Toilet - Currently each toilet is shared by over 1000.

  • $10,000 Clean Water - Builds a new clean water kiosk

Millions are suffering in the midst of war, famine, poverty, and neglect. GE Gives is raising money for World Vision to enable World Vision to respond quickly in areas of greatest need, helping the world’s most vulnerable children and families.  World Visions worldwide staff assists nearly 100 million people throughout Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Donation Levels/Impact for World Vision:

  • $25 - Promise Pack.   In parts of the world, AIDS and extreme poverty has left countless children alone without hope. You can lift up a suffering child to realize their promise in life with a Promise Pack - a special backpack full of basic school supplies, hygiene items, and a warm blanket.

  • $50 - $250 Worth Food and Aid for Africa. Every 15 seconds a child dies from a hunger related cause.   Your gift saves lives.

  • $100 - $1000 Worth of Clothing. Thanks to generous donations from our partnering corporations, your gift will multiply 10 times in impact to ship and distribute brand-new jackets, shoes, shirts, dresses, pants, and much more, to children and families all year round.

  • $200 - $2000 Worth of School Supplies.  Give kids books and tools to learn.

  • $320 - Education for Ten Children.  Your gift can help pay school fees or provide essentials like school uniforms, textbooks, backpacks, and school supplies — helping ensure that ten children in poverty can receive what he or she needs to get an education.

  • $500 - Clean Water Fund.  Every day more than 4,000 children die of water-and sanitation-related diseases. Giving to the Clean Water Fund will help bring clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to communities — helping cut child deaths by more than half!



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