Red Sweater Project collaborates with local communities to create affordable, accessible and advanced educational opportunities for children in rural Tanzania.  In little more than 2 years, the Red Sweater Project has opened its secondary school in Mungere Village, complete with the first two classrooms, a kitchen (for student meals), composting toilets, and various other on-campus facilities.  In addition to the first-term students, new students are being enrolled this summer to bring the student population to approximately 80 students.
In 2012, the Red Sweater Project partnered with EDC 2012 to offer its on-the-ground logistical support to ensure that the Ng’iresi Primary School received its needed school supplies. Our support of Red Sweater has assisted them in completing their final needs for their school’s operation and bring them closer to making the Mungere Secondary School a sustainable campus.
Plans for 2013 include the construction of an on-campus store (to begin sustainable revenue to the school) as well as building of new classrooms including the Science and Computer Lab Complex which is supported by a new solar array and potential mobile internet services.

The seeds of the Red Sweater Project sprouted in 2004, when its founder, Ashley Homer was an English teacher in Tanzania. Now, the Red Sweater Project brings together global resources and skills to create sustainable solutions locally. A community donates their own land, their own resources, and their energy because they know the status quo has to change. Tanzania is suffering from a shortage of teachers and schools, and children living in rural areas must travel long distances or attend expensive boarding schools. The Mungere Secondary School, which Red Sweater Project opened in September 2012, operates within the village, providing education and health services within the community. The school will eventually serve 240 students each year and will provide its students with:
  • unlimited access to safe water and sanitation;

  • basic health services and health-based education outreach;

  • renewable energy with computer and remote internet access;

  • school garden and dining facilities serving two nutritious meals each school day.

Red Sweater believes that by constructing sound classrooms and creating long-lasting relationships, they are building strong foundations within the community and continuing its mission of providing affordable, accessible and advanced educational opportunities for children in rural Tanzania.


Donation Levels/Impact for Red Sweater to Provide School Supplies:

  • $25 Provide a School Uniform - Students are required to wear a school uniform to attend classes.

  • $100 Prepare a child for school - Provides all the school supplies, shoes and uniform required for a primary student to attend the Ng’iresi Primary School for a year.

  • $500 Supplies a Grade with Textbooks (Science,Georgraphy or Kiswahili)

  • $750 Supplies a Grade with Textbooks - Purchases a set of textbooks (Math or English), for an entire grade level.