Alive and Kicking not only employs locals in Kenya and Zambia, they also produce athletic equipment with locally-sourced African leather, providing a longer lasting soccer ball than the imported synthetic-covered balls. Working with the 2012 EDC, Alive and Kicking’s products will provide hours of enjoyment and help to develop future athletes in their sporting endeavors.

Donation Levels/Impact for Alive & Kicking:

  • $60 Outfit an Athlete - Outfit a primary school aspiring athlete with a jersey, tennis shoes and a ball.

  • $200 Provides Athletic Equipment - Provides the primary school with 1 set of 10 soccer balls, netballs or basketballs.

Total Raised: $1,851.18

Working with the 2012 EDC and with generous contributions from an MDC, the Ng’iresi Primary School will have a library stocked with 1,000 books and a shipment with 22,000 books will reach school libraries in Tanzania, Kenya or Nigeria.

Donation Levels/Impact for Books for Africa:

  • $50Box of Books - Fill a box of age-appropriate books for a classroom.

  • $250 Books for a Classroom - Provide books for a class of 40students.

  • 500 Agricultural Acumen - Provide a specialty agricultural library to secondary students in rural farming areas.

  • $1,000 Fills a Library - Outfita school library in rural Tanzania.

  • $2,000 Legal Library - Create a specialty law library tailored to African lawyers.

  • $5,000 Brings Books to a School - An entire school benefits with books for the classroom, a library and for the students to take home!

  • $10,300 Means 22,000 Books - Ship a crate of 22,000 books from the US to an African country in need.

Total Raised: $12,539.66 Potential with GE Matching Funds: $25,079.32


Working with Global Cycle Solutions (through Echoing Green as fiscal sponsor), the 2012 EDC will help to enhance and expand a market-based entrepreneurial program which provides both business opportunities and needed, innovative products to villagers in Ng’iresiand the surrounding area.

Donation Levels/Impact for GCS:

  • $200 Kickstart an Entrepreneur - Help an entrepreneur get off the ground with 3-month training, GCS shirt, marketing umbrella, and demo products to start a small village-based cell phone charging and solar light rental/sales business.

  • $500 Fund a Rural Technology Kiosk - Give a one-year loan to a GCS dealer ambassador to start a small solar or agricultural business in the heart of a village using GCS products. Help generate a monthly income of $75/month for ambassadors while also providing affordable services for villagers living off <$2/day. Paid loans will be funded forward to open additional rural technology kiosks.

  • $1,000 Light up a School. Light up a Community. - GCS will set up a a 50-light system in which community members can rent out a light for the price of kerosene, generating nearly $3,000/year. Eligible schools are required to commit their first $1000 earned towards lighting up another community. After that, all moneys earned shall be devoted to funding their community projects of choice.

  • $5,000 Create 6 months of Synergy and Innovation - With a donation of this level, support the paired work for a Product Development Fellow and Global Cycle Solutions' Tanzanian Innovator to work alongside each other to further product development. Projects in the pipeline include maize grinders, rice threshers, and drip irrigation kits. Ensure the continued development of innovative, life-changing products.

Total Raised: $15,105.63 Potential with GE Matching Funds: $29,310.56


Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty. In seven years, lenders have contributed nearly $350,000,000 in loans that have gone to over 850,000 borrowers in 64 countries.

Donation Levels/Impact for Kiva:

  • $50 Empower more borrowers - $50 helps generate another $500 in loans from our online community.

  • $100 Better Technology & Innovation - $100 makes Kiva's technology smarter, faster, and better.

  • $250 Fund Site Visits to our Field Partners - $250 helps fund site visits to 5 microfinance institutions each week.

  • $1000 Support a Kiva Fellow - $1,000 Supports a week of field training for one Kiva Fellow before they go into the field.

  • $5000 Expand into New Geographies - Helps Kiva review new partnerships and can enable expansion into new geographies.

Total Raised: $5,004.67 Potential with GE Matching Funds: $9,638.88


Red Sweater Project collaborates with local communities to create affordable, accessible and advanced educational opportunities for children in rural Tanzania. Red Sweater will open its second school in September 2012 in Mungere Village and has partnered with EDC 2012 to offer its on-the-ground logistical support to ensure the Ng’iresi Primary School receives its needed school supplies. Additionally, our support of Red Sweater will assist them in completing their final needs for their school’s operation and bring them one step closer to making the Mungere Secondary School a sustainable campus.

Donation Levels/Impact for Red Sweater Project:

  • $25 Provide a School Uniform - Students are required to wear a school uniform to attend classes.

  • $100 Prepare a Child for School - Provides all the school supplies, shoes and uniform required for a primary student to attend the Ng’iresi Primary School for a year.

  • $500 Supplies a Grade with Textbooks - Science,Georgraphy or Kiswahili

  • $750 Supplies a Grade with Textbooks - Purchases a set of textbooks (Math or English), for an entire grade level.

Total Raised: $64,906.02 Potential with GE Matching Funds: $114,315.72


Tanzania was Save the Children’s first Africa field office. With a long-standing program throughout the country, the 2012 EDC efforts will support Save the Children Tanzania and their Kangaroo Mother Program in one of Arusha's hospitals. This program aims to reduce newborn mortality and improve the survival of pre-term low weight babies.

Donation Levels/Impact for Save the Children:

  • $35 Clothes for a Newborn - Provides hats and socks for newborns.

  • $70 Provides Medical Supplies - Provides an assortment of needed feeding tubes and thermometers.

  • $200 Helps a Newborn Breathe - Provides one hand held breathing device to assist newborn struggling to breathe on their own.

  • $900 Keeps Newborns Warm - Provides two heaters to keep the newborns warm.

  • $4500 Supplies Bedding - Provides needed foldable beds, bedding and bed nets.

Total Raised: $5,005.80 Potential with GE Matching Funds: $10,011.60


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