Alive and Kicking not only employs locals in Kenya and Zambia, they also produce athletic equipment with locally-sourced African leather, providing a longer lasting soccer ball than the imported synthetic-covered balls. Working with the 2012 EDC, Alive and Kicking’s products will provide hours of enjoyment and help to develop future athletes in their sporting endeavors.
Alive & Kicking is the only formal manufacturer of sports balls in Africa, and we hope that will change! We are a charitable social enterprise – an organization that uses business practices to pursue our charitable objectives. We create fair paid jobs in the manufacture of sports balls that are appropriate for typical African conditions, we ensure that schools that cannot afford to buy the balls are able to access them, and we invest in educating young people about HIV/AIDS. Most of the balls we make are made of African leather, which makes them twice as resistant to puncture as the most robust synthetic ball on the market. This helps us to be competitive in African retail outlets where we sell a lot of our balls. Other markets for our products are sports NGOs, corporate social responsibility departments, company marketing departments, and you. Each of the 150 people that we employ typically supports an extended family of six people on their salary, so their jobs are extremely important and are valuable to their communities.

Donation Levels/Impact for GCS:

  • $60 Outfit an Athlete – Provide a primary school aspiring athlete with a jersey, tennis shoes and a ball.

  • $200 Provides Athletic Equipment– Provides the primary school with 1 set of 10 soccer balls, netballs or basketballs.

Total Raised: $1,851.18