Crotonville Programs - Funds Raised to Date:

$ 423,763.95

GE is an advanced technology, services and capital company with the scale, resources and expertise to take on the world’s toughest challenges. Dedicated to innovation in the areas of energy, health, transportation and infrastructure, we’re committed to leadership, partnership and human progress.

GE Crotonville is the leadership development epicenter of the company. It’s not just a place but an approach to leadership development that inspires, connects, and develops the GE leaders of today and tomorrow.

GE Gives: Crotonville in Action is a secured site designed to collect donations, assign those donations to a not-for-profit organization, and archive the impact made by Crotonville sponsored initiatives. This site was built in partnership with the GE Foundation and offers a matching funds program to GE employees for organizations that qualify.

Crotonville 2016 - Funds Raised to Date

Partners in Giving
Israel America Foundation/Beit Apple $ 31,028.23
Total$ 31,028.23


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